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Artists Statement

Mayu KOSAKA 小坂真夕 Mayu KOSAKA : Born in Tokyo.
Graduated from Bigakko, and lives in Tokyo.
I made a collage work in carrying a quotation from a philosophical iconography entitled “Gengo-zu” by Baien Miura (1723-1798). “Gengo-zu” is a graphic form based on Yin-Yang theory that is representing a fundamental rule of cosmos, life and nature, and we can see it as an artistic concept. The work has a point to bring Baien’s idea back into life on the art in the twenty first century.
小坂真夕 東京生まれ。美学校卒、東京在住。

Paradigmshift パラダイム・シフト Just do things. The random movement of microorganism and galaxy comprehend an identified crystal and decomposition. Juts keep things. Now, we would like to declare that “keep making action”toward an evolutional and regressive fracial. There is little or no meaning of the declaration itself. Always the action leads us taking another action, and as a result, we keep a friction and reconciliation in a nonequilibrium manner. And then, it may bring us a freak jump.

Reiko YOSHIMURA 吉村礼子 Born in 1973 in Tokyo
My expression or an action is based on my feeling for "the existence of (all kind of lives" and my consideration for them. Awakening of all existence including myself is urged to that. These expressions and the action do not need to be called as an art.

Ryoko ADACHI 足立涼子 I have been making books, which are extremely material and immaterial at the same time. Owing to its material property, a book appeals calmly to our five senses, and by blending the perceptions some image is born in a viewer's mind. Spirit looms up on matter. If we may compare genes to the oldest scroll ever in the world, we may say we carry within us the ancient book passed on to us by our ancestors, and we continue to make a new entry to it: NOW at this present moment. Here we discover the interrelationship between materiality and immateriality. I created a book in which the text of Goethe's FAUST is reproduced but every alphabet letter is concealed but A, T, G and C (they coincide with DNA codes). All we can see is a sequel of immaterial signs. No meaning, no story comes out of immaterial codes only.

Ryoko ADACHI : born in Tokyo. Early works were revealed as installation form, and since 2003 have been making artist books. Produce works to explore the subtle but definite presence of Aura which oozes out of things in the world. Now live in Tokyo.
mail: info@ada-library.com


足立 涼子(あだちりょうこ)東京生まれ。インスタレーション作品を発表後、2003年より本の制作をはじめる。現在、東京にて存在における"間(あわひ)"という感覚を探りながらを制作を行う。
mail: info@ada-library.com
Sakura ISO

Sakura ISO 磯さくら Systems are all around of us. Mostly they are too big or too small so (that I feel alienated even though they are convenient. I made a small device made of rubbish watering plants in order to realize visible system.

Shie KASAI カサイシエ muku & coro (11 paintings with dogs) long distance ~A project with eleven site-specific installations in progress

Can we find a place for art within the space of a social network? How does art function within it or how is art affected by this non-physical space, defined by human interactions and relations? "muku & coro" explores the function of private spaces as friendly, alternate venues for art presentation. 11 friends were asked to collaborate in playing roles as gallery owners and hosting a painting on their wall for a year.

To visit the exhibition, go http://www.trotch.com/muku

Shié Kasai: born in Sapporo, Japan, lives in Montreal Canada since 1998.

人間同士のつながりによって存在するソーシャルネットワークの空間。この体感不可な空間内にアートが置かれた時、アートはどう機能するだろうか。”ムクとコロ” は私的な日常生活空間が友好的かつ効果的な展示の場として利用可能か、また鑑賞にどう影響を与えるかの問いの下企画された。この絵画展覧会形式をとったプロジェクト実現にあたり11人の友人が画廊主として、約一年絵を壁に飾り生活するという条件の下参加してくれた。



Tadamasa YAMAGATA 山形忠正 All things eternally keep the rhythm of birth and death by inter interacting each other.Based on the above concept, “SEI” series is a neoterize inclusive term on a relations, eternize and the view of life of “ Life (SEI) and Death (SHI)” and I make a installation of it. Emotions taken though the five senses and optical sensation. Consciousness. Represent aiXn invisible world to a common world for all human being through the visible things such as color, shape and material. Something necessity for human mind in like wise the essential food for the human.
あらゆるすべての事象は互いに関連し、生成消滅のリズムを永遠にくり返してゆく。 (上記のコンセプトを基に、SEIシリーズは、生(SEI)と死(SI)の関係性・永遠性・生命観を総称した自己造語であり、空間に表現する。見ること(視覚)・五感を通して得られる感動。意識。見えない世界を見えるもの(色・形・物質等)を通して人間共通の世界を、表出する。人間に必要な食物と同じく、人間精神に不可欠なものを。

Tatsuo MAJIMA 真島竜男 (1) 実質的に既成物と見なされ得る対象を造形し、
(2) それらによって実質的に所与の現実と見なされ得る環境を構築し、
(3) そこに含まれる多様な内容を多様な形式で取り出し、
(4) それらを繋いだり、重ねたり、混ぜたり、切り離したり、並べたりして「ドキュメンタリーとしてのコメディ」を構成する。

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